martes, 14 de julio de 2009

cheap hotels in new york

This really is a complex article to write. The reason is you can stay various hotels in NYC. To state here is the cheapest hotel in NYC in fact doesn't mean anything. It really depends on where you desire to sleep. You might want to stay by Manhattan. You might also want to stay in Times Square, Harlem, etc. NYC is huge, and the comical thing is there really is no such thing as a New York City. What you want? That is right, although all of us travel agents present rates to NYC, attempt to find it on a Map. There is no New York City. At any rate to get back on track and give you what you want reading this piece, these are the cheap hotels in NYC. These could be anywhere in the city, in part one of this article I am just giving you the cheap hotels in the city. The other parts I will break it out depending on where and when you would like to stay. Keep an eye out for those versions soon.
West Side Inn Hotel and Hostel starts at just from$23
Economy Lodge Newark starts from $60
Days Inn Newark can be booked for as little as from
$67Ramada East Orange is as low as from
$70Days Inn starts from $70

I always suggest that you book your cheap hotels as far in advance as you can. Most booking sites will let you modify your reservation if desired. If you know that you are going for sure then you can just book a non refundable rate and save some money. Be very careful in NY about saving money. Some cheap hotels have communal bathrooms which means more than 1 room or even an entire floor shares a bathroom. A great deal of hotels in New York are dormitory style, especially hostels. New York is not a best place to go if you are on such a budget travel that you need cheap hotels. This is the number one cause of customer displeasure on hotel and travel agent websites. So be forewarned, if you don't ask and just tell them to book you a cheap hotel you are going to get a cheap room